THE SHOE THAT WALKS YOUR WAY. Independent, standing on your own feet, colourful, courageous and with their very own character – that is what our Maison Darna Babouches and thus their owners embody at the same time.

Made by hand in the Anti-Atlas Mountains in Morocco, the Babouches – as the traditional Moroccan shoes are called – reflect authenticity. Because every piece is unique. No bar stock. For us, imperfection is the perfect. And if you smell your shoes, you can literally feel life in Tafraoute, where the goats and sheep and their shepherds move across the wide mountain ranges every day.

Sustainability: We use leather from “happy” animals. Our goats and sheeps live a life in nature, wandering day by day with their herder. With this business we can bring work to undeveloped mountain regions and support locals. For us it is important to pay fair salaries.

UNIQUE: Every piece is unique and a bit different. Note: Leather shoes have to be walked in…make them to yours.

In case your shoes are not on stock we try to make our best to produce them as soon as possible.