Support-Flow to Morocco

Together we can make a change! We want to give back something to beautiful Morocco. Sarah, living between Switzerland and Morocco, means between abundance and poverty, started the charity “Support-Flow to Morocco” by collecting things which are not needed anymore in the Western world, but can help a lot in poor regions of Morocco.

Especially needed are winterclothes, schoolmaterial, good shoes… Followed by many more actions, trying to improve animal’s and people’s situation who are crossing our path. Find all the projects on our Instagram account.

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I Families in need

We need your spare & still good looking clothes or schoolmaterial which you don’t need anymore and your financial support to pay the transport. Every couple of months we are organising a transport with a camion from Switzerland to Morocco or from our base in Tamraght to the Moroccan mountains.

The transport & customs of one kilogram costs 3 Swiss Francs (around 3 Euros) from Switzerland to Morocco.

Drop off for clothes & goods in SWITZERLAND: Maison Darna and Singha Yoga in Hochdorf LU and Wettswil am Albis. Reach out to us for more details.

In case you are travelling to Morocco: Pack some donations in your luggage and drop them at one of the following places

Drop off for clothes in MOROCCO: Maison Darna Guesthouse, Let’s Be, Tamraght Yoga Studio, Adam’s Café, Studio Pilates Tamraght, Azrac Surf, West Surf Morocco, Hashpoint Surf Camp Taghazout,

II Straycats

There is an unbelievable number of streetanimals in Morocco. A lot of them are suffering from diseases. Our mission is to take care of the straycats population around Maison Darna Guesthouse in Tamraght. Right now we are taking care of around 20 cats.

We could already sterilise and vaccinate 12 cats, means 8 more to do. Like this we can make sure that they stay happy and safe. Help us with your financial donation to proceed this work full of animal love: A sterilization & vaccination with transport to the vet costs around 90 Euros.

We are also happy for any food or medicine donations (flea and worm treatments, treatments for viruses).

Together we can make a change!