Roasted Arganoil for the kitchen – Organic!

CHF 20.00

Arganoil is one of the most elaborate and precious oils in the world. Argan trees grow only in the region of Agadir/Essaouira (Morocco). It is not only great for skin & hair, but also as great as finisher in the tajine, on your salad or simple with fresh bread.

For the usage in the kitchen the Argan nuts are getting roasted. The result smells a bit like sesame oil. So delicious! Buy a bottle of our pure Arganoil for kitchen and support in the same time the charity “Support-Flow to Morocco” which is helping people in need in Morocco by supplying them winterclothes, food or schoolmaterial.


Sooo delicious and organic. In contrast to cosmetic Arganoil, Argan nuts are roasted. All made by local Berber women sitting on the floor. The result smells a bit like sesame oil. Should not be heated too much. Ideal as a rounding in the tajine, in salads or simple with fresh bread.

Size: 50ml

With your purchase you give these local ladies work and you support the charity “Support-Flow to Morocco” which is supplying winter clothes, school material or food in poor regions of Morocco. Further the charity is running a sterelization & vaccination program around Maison Darna Guesthouse in Tamraght (Morocco).

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