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Bring the feeling of holidays, the warm sunshine and the amazing taste of Moroccan kitchen in to your kitchen. You have the choice between nine delicious spices from Morocco. By buying cinnamon, tumeric, ras el-hanut, cumin or a tajine mix you are supporting the charity „Support-Flow to Morocco“. 

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Bring the feeling of a delicious tajine in your own kitchen. Experiment with the Moroccan spices and use them for your interpretation of dishes. Tumeric is for example great in your Golden Milk or Ras el-Hanout tastes delicious with your veggies. With your purchase of spices you are supporting the charity „Support-Flow to Morocco“ which is helping people and animals in need. 

Your choice:

* Ras el-Hanout: Morocco’s most precious spice combines up to 90 different spices (including nutmeg, dried rosebuds, cinnamon sticks, aniseed, turmeric, chilli peppers, lavender blossoms, white pepper, dried ginger, clove, cardamom, galangal, cumin, caraway, rose pepper, etc.) It is also called „Chef of the Shop“. Suitable for couscous, vegi plates, meat dishes, oven vegetables or even dip sauces.

* Cinnamon: Delicious on your porridge in the morning, in your banana bread or in your Christmas cookies.

* Cumin: The classic par excellence in Moroccan cuisine. Locals use it in a lot of dishes. Very tasty on eggs and tomatoes, but also in Indian dishes for example. Beneficial for digestion.

* Ginger (powder): An amazing boost for your immune system. Delicious in any Oriental, Asian or sweet dishes.

* Harissa (powder, spicy): A hot spice paste made from chillies, coriander, garlic, salt and olive oil. We are selling the powder. For getting the paste: Mix the powder with a bit of olive oil and add some fresh garlic, onion and coriander if you wish.

* Paprika: A powdered seasoning made from sweet red peppers. Great on your salad, meat or veggies.

* Curcuma (Turmeric): A small miracle cure with an anti-inflammatory effect. You should use it with pepper to win the beneficial effects of turmeric. Very delicious in Golden Milk.

* Tajine Mix for Vegi and/or Chicken: With this spice mix you feel like in Morocco – you can use this mix for any dish with veggies and/or chicken.

* Tajine Mix for Vegi and/or Meat: Your perfect uplift for your dish – cooked in a tajine, a pan or in the oven…up to you. You can use these spices for any dish with veggies and/or meat.

Choose your size:

10 Fr. (15g) / 15 Fr. (25g) / 22 Fr. (50g)

With your purchase you support the charity “Support-Flow to Morocco” which is supplying winter clothes, school material or food in poor regions of Morocco. Further the charity is running a sterelization & vaccination program around Maison Darna Guesthouse in Tamraght (Morocco).

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